4 March 2007


My MoT is due any day now. It's definitely March and I am certain it's early March.

Can I find the old one? Can I buggery.

I've looked in all the usual places. Was it in a plastic wallet? Or just in an envelope? I know it was with the GS' new log book and the insurance and the paper bit of my driving licence.

But where the **** is it!

FOUND IT! Monday 9pm.... 5th March

After a day of checking on the web for the forms that would get me a new logbook (£19) and a new insurance certificate (ebike) it was all rather previous as...

... the folder had slid off the back of the filing cabinet in the office and it was halfway under a pile of crap alongside it.... If only I had seen it before pulling the contents of three drawers out and piling it up all over the floor.

I also know that my MoT runs out of the 16th March.

Now I have a job for tonight to tidy that up. It had to be done!!!!

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