12 March 2007

Was a sunny day, not a cloud was in the sky...

Was a sunny day, not a cloud was in the sky... And the GS was stuck in the garage.

I went out full of the joys of a warm dry day. Checked the tyre pressures (a bit low both ends so popped them back up to my favourite 32 front and 36 back for solo riding), fretted a bit how dirty the wheels were, then moved onto the oil check. Window almost full...

Then I had a finger of Autosol (not to be confused with Anusol) on the back wheel to see if it cleaned up some of the depressing matt look... it did, well a bit anyway. Big job next week then.

As I turned to go back to the house I saw... aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh!

"Where has all the tread gone?". Looking at the undulations on the "tread" where it was worn on the leading edges of the blocks.

Now I need new tyres before the MoT on Saturday.... Thank you God!

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