9 March 2007


The buzz is starting to build, the ferry is now paid for and it’s time to check out where we are going to stay on the way up to Liverpool.

Having a poor memory and even writing things down seems to have failed my brain I managed to miss the early bookings service and ended up with a midweek arrival on the Island. Out on the 6th back on the 12th June.

When you have got used to travelling across to France at the drop of a hat, the fare of nigh on £250 for a bike and rider is a little hard to swallow. The same dates and times on the Shuttle are £67. Even in mid-August it only would be £78 for the same length of journey. But, I look at it as the last time I’ll probably ever go to the TT and it is the 100th Anniversary event.

It does mean that we get to see some of the Island after all (or most) of the race goers have gone home. On both days we have a 2pm Super-Seacat (sickcat?) from Liverpool.

The last time we went was from Heysham in 1985. My last trip from Liverpool was backing 1981 when I had a new GSX750ET and they were still pumping out the tanks. I won’t miss the Victorian feeling of queuing up along the dockside almost alongside the ship, only to have your ideas thwarted by the long queue through some old warehouse and back in a complete loop. Followed by the ride up the fuel oil covered ramp that folded down from the side of the ship.

I am now looking for places to stay on the way up.

With a Wednesday 2pm crossing from Liverpool we need to be there 2 hours before (or so) so it’s too far to get up at the crack of dawn and ride up in one hit. So much easier to stop on the way. The same goes for the way back. We arrive at Liverpool about 4pm or so and need to set off pronto for the Sarf.

We have been quite successful with Travelodge motels on the Welsh National Rally and so I’ll have a look on their site and see if there are any cheap rooms.

To be continued. ...

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