20 August 2006

On the train... Rhätische Bahn

On the train... Rhätische Bahn, originally uploaded by pauldevall.

It was whilst on the leg of the journey homewards from the Stelvio, across the top of Switzerland, to Stein am Rhein on the western end of Lake Konstanz, we let the train take the strain.

It began raining hard from the moment we crossed into Switzerland, just after the Umbrail Pass, so I decided to avoid the ascent of the Flüelapass (2383m) and the 39kms of road over the pass via Davos. But how?

The map showed a rail tunnel from Susch to Klösters through the Vereina Tunnel. Decision made and we set off for it. Luckily it was clearly signposted and we foundit despite major misting of my glasses and visor! The GPS also managed to find the eastern end of the tunnel before conking out with brain overload! The tunnel is slightly over 19kms long.

So for 18 Swiss Francs we went on the roller coaster ride that is also known as the Rhätische Bahn. In an open carriage amongst the cars we set off hell for leather into the bowels of the earth. I sat on the bike and Claire stood alongside. Such is the speed we spent most of the time visors down and holding on for dear life!!

Claire managed to squeeze this shot off on her phone before we entered the tunnel as my gloves we so wet I didn't want to risk taking them off to get at my camera in my tank bag. It's a bit dark!

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