17 March 2007

Bits and Pieces 3


After a week of mild weather I set off for Alford Brothers in Folkestone inquite chilly weather but it's not far, only 3 or 4 miles or so.

After booking the bike in I had a look around the upper showroom, the Suzuki M1800 is one hell of a pile. Christ only knows who in our area will buy one! But a sit on it proved the seat to be comfortable for the bloke blessed with a far arse.

I then wandered off into town to WH Smith's and bough the latest RiDE and retired to Costa Coffee to read it. Amazingly, Costa is inhabited by the old and wheekchair bound.

On Friday I had stopped in one in Maidstone for a read of the Sun and a coffee and the place was inhabited by what seemed to be the Teenage Pram Pushers Club; ignoring their mini-chav offspring as they ran about pissing off the other customers and then nipping out front to have a drag on their Marlboros whilst taking it in turns to ignore little Jayzee or Kylie.

On my return I found the GS had as expected passed the MoT and I was handed the £27.15 bill. Blimey.

Once home I checked the new 'n against the old 'un and fund that I had actually done less than 6500 miles in the year since the last MoT. Must do better this year.

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