16 March 2007

Bits and Pieces 2

Tyres done.

Got to Watling at Maidstone just before the appointed time at 1030 and left it there.

Had a walk down into the town centre calling in at Hein Gericke for a look at boots; some nice Puma bike boots at £179.95.

Then dropped into Maplin and bought a 4-way USB 2.0 hub. It's a powered one and looks quite good alongside the screen! Plus it works so hopefully my printer won't turn itself off all the time.

When I got back to Watling at 1130 or so, it was done. Ride-In/Ride Out was £180. Gulp.

Took it a bit easy on the ride back to scrub them in a bit. A marked difference between worn tyres and brand new ones.

Mileage on the clock at I pulled out of the tyre place: 36174.

MoT tomorrow.

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