23 March 2007

Aluminium Panniers?

Today I have ordered the Zega Boxes and I also opted for the additional expense of the four-padlocks to lock them. Gulp. A total of €682.00.

The basic kit price is €602 on the Touratech Germany Webshop, but I decided to pay the extra few quid and have them pre-assembled - part number 01-052-2020-P. It saves a lot of swearing in the garege when they arrive, although there will be plenty of that anyway when I have to fit the pannier rails!

Delivery is planned for Week 15th, and that according to my diary is week commencing 9th April.

On the German site if you have them delivered to a German address anything over €500 is delivered for free. So that is a bonus as well.

Thank God that VISA has plenty of money to cover it out in the short term.

Fingers crossed now and wait to see how long they will be.

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