26 February 2007

Claire's Birthday Weekend

Usually we go away for Claire's birthday, to Bruges or somewhere. This year we chose to have a night in London, and once again we stayed in the Marriott at West Quay.

We didn't get an upgrade this time and were stuck with an ordinary room for £119 B&B. As before we used Tesco Clubcard points to pay for it. With VAT and taxes it comes out just shy of £140.

Once parked in the car-park opposite we decided to have a look at Greenwich. Taking the DLR towards Lewisham and getting off at Cutty Sark station. Boing! First mistake. The Cutty Sark has gone, at least what can usually be seen on top! Masts etc!

We wandered back through the town, past the chuggers to where Goddard's Pie Shop used to be. Closed down! Becoming a burger bar or some shite. In the end we lunched across the road at Noodle Time, a sort of modern Chinese restaurant! Noodle? Check! Fried Rice? Check! Sweet and Sour Chicken? Check!

After suitably fed on a bowl of some noodles we set off back to Canary Wharf to get the Jubilee Line to Green Park. The idea being to do something cultural. At Green Park mistake number two. A huge anti-nuclear and war in Iraq demo was taking place.
Firstly we diverted into the Royal Academy to see the "Jericho" sculpture (see pic) and then across to France House before finally giving Fortnum's the pleasure of our price checking. How much for chocolate digestives?

We had a walk across Leicester Square to get away from the marchers and then into the National Portrait Gallery for another dose of culture.
Carefully avoiding the chance to see an exhibition (and pay!) on modern photography that seems the have featured "Cocaine" Kate Moss, the stick model with the t*sser boyfriend.

From then it was a bus ride to Bank and the DLR back to the hotel to check in.

After I watched England lose miserably to the Irish in the Six-Nations Rugby we went for a walk around to see what eateries there were, ending up a Skuzi where we went last time before Christmas. A pizza and a Peroni each was enough.

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