18 January 2007

Wipers Times - April 8th 2007 Part 2


We now have 12 people booked on the 0920 Shuttle out and a route has been designed to give us lunch (very important) and then a tour around the sights on the southern part of the Salient.

Lunch. We will arrive in France and clear the terminal around 11am the plan us to ride across country to one of our favourite watering holes in Cassel for lunch. A post-prandial meander around the town will show us the places where General, later Marshal, Foch had his command HQ.

The scenic ride will take in Mont de Cats and Mont Noir then Kemmel, Ploegsteert and then northwards to Messines and the Irish Peace Park. Messines/Mesen is where the British Army detonated 22 large mines in what is considered the largest single action success of the entire war for the Allies.

Then looping up to take in the mine crater at St Eloi and then to Santuary Wood and the Hill 62 Museum and preserved trenches before arriving in Ypres for coffee/tea/snack or simply for a waffle!

See update to this page.

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