12 January 2007

Welsh National Rally - May 12th 2007 Part 2

At the moment we have a team being put together and the first travel plans put in place.

After last year when I didn't bother booking anywhere for the Saturday night after the rally, expecting to waltz into a B&B or hotel easily, and getting the bum's rush and severe wallet assault when I eventually got sorted, I have planned a little further ahead.

This year I expect to be joined by old WNR colleague Andrew Pratt. Dave Clarke who did the rally with me last year is also coming along with some friends as he practices for an Iron Butt event.

Travelodge have some special offers on that mean 50% off their normal (exorbitant!) room rates and so I have booked Friday 11th May at the hotel in Telford and Andy has booked the one for the Saturday night at Hilton Park Services.

All we need now are the booking forms for the rally and then a week or so before the paperwork with the checkpoints. In true managerial manner, I let Andy work out the route to meet the requirements of the Gold or even Platinum Award.

Raring to go...

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