6 November 2006

Motorcycle Club Membership? IMTC?

The IMTC is in fact the International Motorcyclists Tour Club, founded in 1932 and still going strong.

The club membership across the UK is about 450 and is very active in the north. It is smaller and less "organised" in the South East and we have only recently started to meet on a semi-regular basis.

The group that we are building locally are pretty close and democratic. There are no Limited company "rules" to follow and no rigid organisation. The IMTC lives purely for touring.

There is a certain amount of fuddy-duddyness in the Club, and as the membership gets older we need to work out how to start getting younger riders to join. Not too young but perhaps 40's!!!

For more information you can go to the IMTC website and see about joining.

If you live in the South East and want to have a look before shelling out the membership fee feel free to contact us.

I am looking into getting some webspace for us on the main site, take a look here and see if I have suceeeded!
See here for an update on this post.

1 comment:

steve said...

I've checked the diary, no kids!! So I'll chat to Bobbie. Unless there's a problem, I'll put a cheque in the post over the weekend

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