2 November 2006

IMTC Holland Hotel Weekend – July 6th to 8th 2007

As a replacement for the weekend we cancelled for May Day 2007, we have come up with this as a cunning plan. Currently the diary is free for this weekend and rather than the well worn path to nearby France or South Dover as we still call it here in the Kingdom of Kent, we have decided to turn left on arrival at the European bridgehead and go to the Netherlands. Gouda to be more precise.

The weekend begins with an early morning crossing to France with your own choice of conveyance, Shuttle or Ferry and the ride across to Holland via Bruges and the new Tunnel under the Schelde near Antwerp. Although in fine touring tradition members are able to make their own way to the Campanile Hotel in Gouda. I can provide a GPS location for anyone that wants to have it. If you have a Garmin Quest the Campanile is already in the system on Mapsource City Select V7.

To keep costs below that of the average GDP of an African country we have chosen a budget hotel. The room rate is for B&B and is €77 per room per night. Unfortunately, there are no single rooms and as a result no supplements, although for single occupancy I'd expect a reduction for the cost of the 2nd breakfast, at least. Parking for motorcycles is onsite.

Nigel has created a booking form and the hotel will use these to make your reservations. Once received I will collate them and send them to the hotel. As is the norm with IMTC events there is a deposit to pay and we have set that at £40 per room, cheques payable to “IMTC”.

Booking forms are available from me at the address inside the back cover of Tourider; please enclose an SAE for the return postage. If you have the internet you can download the form from http://uk.geocities.com/pauldevall/DutchBookingForm.pdf and post it to us with the cheque.

The forms need to be back with me no later than January 31st 2007 as the hotel can’t guarantee to have the rooms we (may) require.

If you want any other information, please check with Nigel, or me. Contact details inside the front cover of Tourider or by email at southeast@imtc.org.uk.

For some idea of what Gouda has to offer have a look here.

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