2 October 2006

Fords of East Sussex

I thought as I have a run planned for the South-East Section of the BMW Club, I'd better go and see if the fords that I had seen on Wetroads.com actually existed and whether they had water in them. Sadly, I had to go by car as the previous week I'd been off work for a few days with a stomach bug and was only just getitng over it.

In the initial planning I had discarded a couple that were unsuitable for road bikes i.e. ones that couldn't be ridden on a Wing or RT.... I've got a GS but I doubt that many of my fellow BM clubbers would want to try these.

This left six and all of them in fairly close proximity to one another to the west of Crowborough. I worked out the gps co-ords using the Wetroads site and www.streetmap.co.uk. But before the run on 5th November I needed to ride the route ansd make sure my co-rds were right. Incredibly, they were accurate to a few yards on 5 of the 6. The last one (I optimised the route on the Quest) was at the end of a 1/2 mile rutted and rock stewn path, it was unsuitable for my wife's Getz as well, so I have struck that one off too.

Of the five that remain only 1 was lacking in water, and it was hard to see as the locals parked across it, rendering it photo opportunity free. Another wasn't photographed as we had to wait for Mr & Mrs Green welly to get out of the way to let us across and then one of the chinless tarts gave us very little room. Luckily it was only a few inches deep.

I took a few pics of the others and hopefully some will appear here. I'll label them when I can remember which ones they are!


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