26 August 2006


Okay, so it might not seem all that cool to grow a 'Tache. Heck I am even crap at actually getting any decent facial hair to grow to look anything like nancy boy George Clooney manages, but it's all in a good cause.

Go to www.tacheback.com and see how you can help raise money. If you don't want to grow one yourself, or already have one, then sponsor me. Do this by going to https://www.bmycharity.com/V2/invictamoto and clicking on the buttons...

All I have to do it grow a tache in September. One measly month in my life to grow something as simple as a tache! Easy? I did it in 2004 and it was pretty rubbish, but I raised just over £110. I'd like to think that all of you out there, friends and colleagues will visit my sponsor page and pledge some of your money...

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