27 August 2006

Bike Luggage

I've always liked the look of the BMW oem luggage, seems to fit the bike, but after three and a half years of going away and I am finally coming round to the position that I need a change.

There is simply not enough room for two people's stuff for two weeks. This year even with the Lakeland compression bags, we were short of stuff and without washing facilities (or the weather to dry stuff!) we had loads of smelly togs, plus, the compression bags don't stop what you have got from getting creased to b*ggery.

So before the next longer trip, to the Isle of Man next June we need a re-think? I don't want uneven fittings, so Givi/Kappa panniers are out of the equation. So Touratech Zega? Kiwi Bob's? As they won't get used everyday they need to come off easily and not look like a scaffold stockpile when off... Suggestions?

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