19 August 2006

Austria & The Alps Day 8 - Stelvio? No!

Between breakfast and of setting foot outside to load the panniers onto the bike it had rained. Sheepskins soaked through so it was waterproofs on (and off all day).

Passo Falzarego
Once on the main 100 road from Lienz to Italy it was hard going with trucks, motorhomes and bloody caravans and the last two along with tourist coaches set the tone for the day.

We did manage some passes I hadn't done before like the Valparola and Costalunga before we cut our day short at 1630, and according to Doris there were still two hours (at least!) to go to the Stelvio and our eventual overnight in Switzerland.

From the Pordoi pass it poured down making the 20 plus hairpins down to Canazei slippery and hard work given the tailgating and pillocks pulling out giving you hardly any chance or many options.

Claire at the Pordoi
After 134.4 miles we called it a day and stopped in Nova Levante at the Engel "Wellness Hotel". 

We had no idea if we would be let in. Dripping with water after torrential (at times) rain I sat at the top of the drive whilst Claire, the acceptable face of biking (!) went in. Yes of course they had room.

Whilst she waited for them to book us in, she had a free beer and sat in the dry.  Meanwhile I was outside being pissed on.

The hotel had free parking for the bike and I wish I had had a camera with me.  I had to ride on the road and then turn into the barn on a first floor level wooden bridge.  The barn had some cars in, but the whole lot creaked and I had to ensure I didn't drive down any of the cracks in the ancient planking.  At least it was out of the rain!

Tomorrow? Stelvio?

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Nigel said...

Ahh memories. It was snowing when we were at the top of the Pordoi pass in June. The advantage we had was that we just turned the heater up in the car!! (sorry Claire)

Apart from the rain I hope you had a good holiday.

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