29 July 2006

Claire joins the vented world!

Not so dramatic, after waxing lyrical for ages about my Joe Rocket (JR) jacket and the evangelical style of letting everyone I see know about it, Claire bought one. Not JR but a British made RST Vento Jacket.

This jacket is made of slightly more cordura and less mesh than the JR and is fitted with full armour in shoulders, elbows and back using Knox armour.

For £70 it looks very good value for money. It's not waterproof (like the JR) but comes with a rather natty looking "vest" style sleeveless insert. We'll see how it performs on our holiday!

The pic is taken from a website. Despite showing it in a few different colour combinations, Powerhouse in Ashford only had it in black, and it does look good. Real biker colour!

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