1 May 2015

Today's Rehab Day

Today with Claire being of work as every Friday, and as it was sunny and warm, we decided to have a trip over to Sissinghurst Castle Garden.

We took Reggie with us, but dogs are not allowed in the garden itself but the rest of the estate is open to all.

In the end we had a nice circular walk of about a mile around the lakes and gardens, and lunch.  A healthy lunch of soup and a lump of bread.

Although I had taken the Nikon with me I forgot it in the boot, but the iPhone seems to have coped pretty well. At both the coffee shop and restaurant, the outside seating is a magnet for small birds to come and eat the crumbs that are left.  Some are braver than others.

Summer House by moat

The Castle Tower

A little door set in the tree

The family pet graves

Bluebell woods

Soup - pea, mint and something else


1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

What a lovely place to spend the day.

When eating outside here the birds like to come up and see what crumbs they may beg.

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