5 May 2015

Another day out

Another sunny say. Up early to go to the surgery to give a few ounces of blood for testing. Dropped a bag of old clothes in the Sally box, then coffee in Waitrose.

None of this is getting me the exercise I need. So after breakfast Reggie and I did nothing much. Waiting for Claire to come home for lunch.

Once that was over, Reggie and I set off for Sissinghurst. Although I did the driving!

Today we tried a different route around the estate and I may have bitten off more than was sensible as I was a little cream crackered when we got back to the car.

Sissinghurst has an active estate and produces a lot of the produce for the restaurant, plus Kent is sheep country.

Even I was surprised to see a small field with four pigs nosing through the mud.

Once we got back to the castle itself,  I had Reggie on the extendable lead. 


He had slipped into the moat. He had gone down the bank to the water and fell in. He chose a bit tbick with green algae.  I got most of it off and we hurried back to the car to get him dried off. 

In the end I managed around two miles. Gradually building up the distance each day.

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Trobairitz said...

Poor Reggie, was he surprised to go for a swim?

Paul Devall said...

More surprised than me. I was a bit inattentive as I had overdone it a bit.

Not far pre stent but it was a little too warm and I had him on the long lead!

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