1 December 2013

Whitstable Toy Run 2013

After a day on my own in Belgium yesterday, I thought I'd chivvy Claire into getting her gear out of the wardrobe and get ready and come with me today.

It was quite chilly when I pulled Dora out of the garage. I left the panniers on as the toys I bought a few weeks ago needed to go somewhere.

The plan was to go to the Blue and White and meet other Kent Centre members. After yesterday's no show from anyone, I wasn't expecting much!  In the end when we pulled into the parking Graeme came out and we parked alongside his SV650.

So at least there were three of us.  Graeme led us the Faversham route and we dropped onto the M2 and then Thanet Way to get into Whitstable.  We were quite early and the parking gradually filled up.  Someone later counted 242 bikes on the run, There were about a dozen left after they had left.

Me and Graeme
I didn't take as many photos as usual as I had the Sanyo digicam rather than a proper still camera. I did get one or two.

The Vintage Club had a stand with this 1915 Indian on show.

There were quite a few of the riders dressed up in special outfits.  One guy as children's favourite Zippy from Rainbow. 

Claire and Zippy
The lead sidecar rider and passenger were dressed as Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace and Gromit
I had said I wasn't going on the run itself and that I would try and get some videos as they left, so as 2pm got closer we went to get a good viewing place and Graeme mounted up to go on the ride.

I ended up taking two as I had to cut off the first one when someone was about to walk across me. As I don't have any editing software I managed to stop REC and restart afterwards.

Once they had all gone, we went back to Dora and set off for home. A small detour in Canterbury and a Caffe Nero later it eas almost 4pm when we had a tour around Wilko for more Christmas lights.

I enjoyed the day and it was good to get Claire back on the bike.

Claire and Dora

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Trobairitz said...

A good day out for a good cause, nice that over 200 bikes showed up for it.

Glad to see Claire on the bike. Cute picture of her and zippy.

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