2 December 2013

Piaggio 125 "Fly"

I was just saying recently, that despite entering the UK Lottery and the Euro Lottery very often, that we hadn't won a fig for ages. Plus bemoaning the lack of good luck in general. Then an email arrived in my inbox today. I almost deleted it and then I decided to read it.....

I have won this scooter. I have no idea how many people would have entered but the odds on winning must have been pretty steep.  

The competition was to win one of five scooters. Each one painted to match an Apple iPhone 5C.

The prize I entered for, and won, is a Piaggio 125 Fly scooter in Red, and an iPhone 5C in the same colour and a Nolan N43 helmet (with bluetooth kit), that could be colour matched if need be.

I have opted (maybe) for the non colour matched version. 

I have a new phone and also a new Shoei so it looks like Claire will have the helmet and phone! And just in time for Christmas too!!



Surely some mistake.

It's all true. All I have to do it contact my insurance company to get it insured and the selling dealer will get it registered in my name. 

It seems they will deliver it to my door!  I had expected to pick it up from the Piaggio dealer in Maidstone - Laguna, where Döra came from, or at least the Ashford branch of the same dealership.

It is perfect for me to commute to the station on it in the better weather and also to get Claire trying two wheels. 

At an estimated 150mpg it might replace Döra in our old age!!

Watch this space. Still not sunk in until I have it on the drive.  Better clear a space for it in the garage.


Trobairitz said...

Awesome!! Congrats on the win.

The scooter will be great for putting around and for Claire to test her wings.

Can't wait to see pictures of it when you get it home.

Congrats again.

Paul Devall said...

Thanks. See how it goes.

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