5 March 2014

Dora off on holiday

On Saturday Dora will be going on a fortnight's break away from me. The first separation for any time since we became a couple in July.  Okay, we have been apart for a week or so, but not her going off on her own.


It's engine work time.  Dora has been recalled to Hinckley and goes back next week, so I have to deliver her, sans luggage, to Laguna Triumph at Ashford and they will prep her and then she will go to Triumph for the work.

From what I have read on the various forums, the bikes come back with more new parts than expected. Some have come back with new centre stands and other bits and bobs.

Dora has covered less than 5000 miles (8000 kms) in her short life and I don't think there is much that need replacing, but if they find something, who am I to complain?

In her place they will loan me a Sprint GT. I was hoping for a try on a different model, and rather liked the idea of the retro looking Bonneville. I last rode one in the 70's when a guy at the bike club brought along a new T140 Meriden Co-op model, a T140D or E I think it was.

Still, it means that I can go to the club lunch run on the 16th.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Think of Dora as going away for a spa vacation. A little pampering, a little primping.

You'll like the Sprint. Hubby had one and loved it, but it made his knees too sore to ride for very long.

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