31 October 2013

My 60th Birthday

It does seem strange to have put that in print. It is still actually over two years away but it hasn't stopped me thinking about what I'd like to do.

For Claire's landmark we are off to Florida for two weeks in May '14. I guess to international jet setters it's a little "provincial" to be planning a transatlantic trip. 

Hell,  I know people that go every year to Orlando, sometimes twice; never tiring of going to theme parks.

So special then for me is not so special for others

On a biking trip. Route 66? PCH? Or maybe further afield. 

Or away from biking altogether and enjoy a cruise?

On the biking front I looked at a few websites that hire bikes, and others that do tours, both fully organised or self-guided. 

The PCH on self guided is £1950 per person, and that includes booked hotels, hire of a Harley and some basic insurances and a road book. On top of that we have about £400 to increase insurance to effectively be able to wreck the bike and walk away with no more to pay. And that's for a 2 week trip/rental. Air fares extra.

So, after seeing James Cargo in the last edition of Adventure Bike Rider, I priced up a trip using Döra as my bike of preference.

Air freight into key cities like Chicago and Seattle is about £1000. And here is the rub.  You can get in easily enough, but getting out more complex and so James suggest sea freight back!!

Maybe more planning?

Then again I do like the idea of the Polar Circle and Norway.....

So many places!!!

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Trobairitz said...

So many places, so little time and money.

Going to Florida sounds like fun. I was born here in the USA and I've never been there so it must be an adventure for someone out of country to visit.

It will be interesting to see what you decide to do for your 60th. So far away, but then the two years will go by quick. They always do.

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