14 July 2013

Battle of Britain Memorial Day

Met the rest of the local guys at our usual cafe but I was too late after a spot of garden centre visiting. 

As it was almost twelve noon we set off for Capel. Running in on Döra I fell a bit behind as the pace got beyond my current rev range.

At Capel we all joined up and opted for the official (and free) car park.

We had tea, chatted about the war and then went to look at the two replica aircraft they have onsite.

The RAF were represented with a band and some dignitaries including the Duke of Kent.

The fly past was very disappointing. A few passes maybe two minutes and they were gone. Plus they didn't seem much like the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight we had seen yesterday at the Kent County Show.

We went our separate ways and I went to meet Claire for a free coffee and a cake in Waitrose, then home.

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Trobairitz said...

Unfortunate the 'fly by' wasn't longer but at least you had a new bike to ride.

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