14 July 2013

Another short run

I have to complete at least 500 miles before 1pm on the 27th July, when Döra goes for her first service.

With work and other commitments it will be hard work. I might call Laguna tomorrow and see if I can postpone it to Monday 29th. I have two days off at the end of July, ostensibly one day to get over to Knowlton to meet the riders on the Thankful Villages Run. It seemed a little daft to have the Tuesday off and not Monday. 

It's a plan and will give me another weekend to get out and add miles.

So, back to today. It was the Kent Centre monthly meet and the plan was for breakfast and then ride over the Capel le Ferne on the White Cliffs to visit the Battle of Britain Memorial and their Memorial Day.

My first job was to fit the Givi on the new rack. Cleaned and polished it doesn't look to out of place. I fitted the Thankful Villages Run sticker, must have that on for the run itself.

Thankful Villages sticker

Then get ready. The weather has been good this weekend. In fact all week it has been hot and sunny. Like it used to be when I was a kid in fact.

Vented Joe Rocket jacket and light gloves. For safety though Hood Kevlar lined jeans and boots. And a helmet of course.

Me on the way out

The ride across the back roads was okay apart from cyclists that seem to have no idea that we drive on the left! In a car I would have hoped I could have stopped; on the bike swerve and brake was enough not to clear a few out. Darwinian theory at its best.

I arrived in time for us to leave almost immediately! The others hadn't had a garden centre trip under their belts, just a cooked breakfast and a drink.

We took the A20 all the way. With 3500 still the rev limit until 100 on the odometer, I was going to be left behind, but there was enough traffic so I could see the others. Stephen on his CBR600 stayed as tail end Charlie

On arrival we parked up in their extended car park, but opted to stay on concrete not the hard grass.

We had a walk round, checked out the band and the tea tent and waited for the not very good fly-past.

It wasn't the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, but two privately owned aircraft. A couple of passes across the field and then one towards the cliff and up over our heads, wing waggle and gone.

The Spitfire and Hurricane from the BBMF were at the Kent County show yesterday and excellent as you'd expect from the RAF.

So Döra. Now has 84 on the odometer. I stopped to fill the tank. The first I had out in. The mpg-calc app shows only 51.9 mpg (imperial) but all the setup in the dealers was done after tanking her up.

She is loosening up. Pulling away the engine is smoother and very willing. Keeping to 3500 is hard work.

Just about getting used to the no wires throttle. Less jerky today. Maybe see if I can get home in daylight this week and go out in the evening to add some miles!!!

One more pic before putting her away!

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Trobairitz said...

Glad you are able to get out for a few rides on the bike. You'll be racking up the miles in no time.

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