19 August 2012

Day One - Part Two

Once clear of the terminal I set the satnav for Péronne.

We knew it would be too late for lunch and so we stopped at the Aire de Rely for lunch.

We had been driving with the lid down and the temp gauge hovering about 31 degrees.

It was to get hotter. After a quick lunch of steack haché we were off again.

By Péronne it was 35 degrees. The museum is housed in the old feudal castle. It isn't air conditioned and was like an oven inside.

We had to have a tea afterwards to cool our blood.

It got hotter as we headed south to rejoin the A1 and peaked at 39 degrees in the area near the hotel. I took a picture of the on-dash temperature display to prove it.

39 degrees
It was so hot we had a few cold showers before heading into town to scope a restaurant.

We booked a table at the Bistrot bu Boucher. A quick and refreshing beer across the road helped cool us for two minutes!!

Dinner in all it's glory in the pictures. Captions to follow.

Now back at the hotel in the sweltering heat. Was never this affected in Florida!!!

Historial de la Grande Guerre
French Uniforms
Historial de la Grande Guerre
First biere of the day!
First biere of the day!

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