19 August 2012

Day One - Part One

We were up and ready to leave in good time. Once on the way I discovered my phone was at home and turned around. Not to worry plenty of time to fill up CC with petrol and still arrive well in time for our train. ;)

More time than expected. At hack-in we were told there was at least a 90 minute delay due to essential maintenance. Essential? Holiday weekend?

The entire site was rammed with cars trying to get to a pinch point to go the passports and customs.

Once we were called there was the usual cram to get all the cars for different trains through passport control.

So there we were in Lane 7 in another long queue waiting to get on a train.

Luckily that was only for 25 minutes... Then once on the go we were loaded into the last carriage and the train finally wheezed out 75 minutes late.

As the expected delay was 90 minutes maybe Eurotunnel can convince us that we are in fact 15 minutes early?

CC on Train
The best part is actually not having any information on how long it might be. Plenty of speakers but each one dead as a doornail.

An hour and a quarter plus the hour time difference means that we will arrive about 1235 CET in France.

My plan of a dash to Péronne to have lunch and visit the WW1 museum is now ruined.

Small town France is notorious for early closures and "desolé" if arriving nearer 2pm than 1pm for Sunday lunch.

An apology for ruining a lot of plans might have been nice. Or in 30C heat and an hour of queuing, some free water!

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Trobairitz said...

Sounds like an interesting start to your vacation. I hope things go smoother from here. But at least you are out of the house and on your way.

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