27 June 2012

New Maxxis @ 78065 miles

Called in at FWR near the Oval to get a new tyre. I decided to stick with Maxxis to keep the matching pair. The front is only about 4000 miles old and so they might wear out together this time.

The one that came off was worn out and almost slick in the centre, but the sides were still pretty meaty.

When I checked the figures I managed to get 9005 from it. The one before only managed 8235.

The new one looks just as meaty!!


Mike said...

Nothing better than a fresh tyre! Well, maybe 50 miles after the tyre has run in.

Invicta Moto said...

It sure is. I had about 65 miles to ride home and it started to drizzle... I found myself being over cautious with the glossy new rear!

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