18 July 2007

Ride to work day

I think today was ride to work day. I was certain it was anyway.

Sadly my trip to work involved 143 miles mainly on the packed motorways of southern England. What joy!

The familiar M20 was as normal, full of tossers in 4WDs who join the carriageway by running straight to the third lane. Never a copper about when one is needed.

The estimate of two hours door to door wasn't too far off. The delays were as expected at Tesco getting petrol after a ride up the A20.

Worse were the hold-ups on the M25 for no apparent reason, then the road works at the A10 junction, after which we strangely encountered crawling traffic all struggling to keep to 69mph.

The reason? A column of Essex's finest boys in blue, bikes, cars and the even more curiously labelled ANPR pursuit cars. Bearing in mind we were in Hertfordshire at the time....

Let's just hope that whilst this lot were causing the decent folks trying to get work to be held up, that the ne'er do wells of Essex weren't making merry in the arts of mugging, burglary and other criminal activities? Who knows? I am sure the crime figures will be manipulated to show that they are doing their bit for crime fighting!

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