23 July 2007

Possible trip to 25th Anniversary Czech Invader Rally in 2009

Although it is a long time away, I did broach the subject on the Kent Centre list a few weeks ago. I’ll not seriously start to look at it as a viable event until Autumn 2008! If you fancy it, then of course that would be fine! Let me know.

The SOC’s “usual suspects” will be going again in 2008, and the plan is on here - http://homepage.ntlworld.com/speedup/Speedup/Czech_Trip_2008.html.

I’d look to go a different route to them in any case, maybe via Germany and possibly Poland. To make the journey less of a race, I’d be looking at two nights on the way there, two nights at the rally and two or three on the way back. The idea is to enjoy shorter days on the road and then have a chance to look about (be a tourist!) on the way.

Accommodation en-route would be in budget hotels and youth hostels. Ideally looking at YH’s with private rooms and en-suites. Any single blokes can use the dorms if they want, as these are usually cheaper.

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