30 April 2007

Victim of Road Rage!

Yes me!

On the way in to work today, just in the end of the line of traffic queuing up for the Blackwall Tunnel, at the back of a line of bikes, maybe as many as four in front of me I hear a revving engine. Blip, blip...

I look in the mirror and some race-rep bike is right up my arse. Had I lifted my cheeks of the seat he could have given me a colonoscopy with his right mirror. "Out the f*cking way" he shouted. I didn't move as I really had nowhere to go.

As I got to a gap on my left, we were splitting lanes 2 and 3, he tried to squeeze past... He looked at me through his black visor "It's c**** like you in jeans that cost me more insurance". I was taken aback! So much so I let him past...

Jeans? Moi? For his information they are Hood Jeans, lined with Kevlar and probably as strong as his cheap no label Levi-cut leather jeans!

1 comment:

Mike said...

That's most unusual for one biker to treat another one like that. Obviously a moron.

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