30 April 2007

C2 is back!

Had a call from Infinity, my Schuberth is back at the shop so I'll have to go down that way home and pick it up. Should be fun negotiating the rush hour traffic around Holborn and the end of Oxford Street!

When I get it home I need to practice a little surgery on it to make sure I can get the earpiece for the GPS in it comfortably. On the BMW Club forum there have been a few suggestions on how to make the ear recess a little bigger, but I really don't want to start pulling the lining out and messing about like that.

Maybe resort to the "gentle" persuasion as I did with the Cabergs and use the end of a hammer handle to gently tease the foam back a little to relieve pressure on the ears, and that I have to do on Claire's new J1S.

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