4 September 2006

Bike Luggage (3)

Darned internet. Darned UKGSer!

Just when I had made up my mind that Touratech "Street" panniers would be next Spring's wealth distribution project, someone mentions Givi!

When I bought the GS, had it not come with BMW System panniers I would have kept and used the Kappa items I had on the Bandit. The K40's were not that old and big enough for weeks or even years away!

The UK Givi people weren't all that much use as their reply to my email asking if the pannier rails (part no. PL189) would fit and leave me with the System box in place. They couldn't say but sent me a link to the fitting instructions. Better than nothing.

Then... Caja Sahel came to the discussion topics again.... I thInk they look alright in a chunky sort of way, and perfectly good for my needs....

Now I need to see how much they are as the website is a little unspecific, okay, it doesn't say.

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