3 September 2006

Arrassing About - 9/10th September 2006 (6)

We've added another place to the trip, on the outward run to Arras we have now added a distillery to the route.

The place is in Houille not far from Eperlecques and just off the N43 to the north of St Omer.

More details from http://www.genievredehoulle.com/uk/visite.html but you are suggested to have your own French translator, so we'll have to hope that Claire can cope with the lingo for us!

There is a film in English anyway and we really only want to have a free taste!

No one can argue there's no class on our trips!

Also planned an off motorway journey using N43 and D937 and this takes us past Notre Dame de Lorette, one of the French "bête noires" from WW1.

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