9 August 2006

Now only 2 days to go...

Not had chance to get excited like I used to. Bike almost ready to go, may need a quick run over with a wet rag on Friday morning when I fit the panniers.

The weather at home has turned for the worst with more showers and prolonged rain than a few weeks ago. So much so that the vented jackets are definitely now having to play off against the unvented HG jackets.

The run up the Stelvio is still in the plans despite the snow of last week and the rain of much of the last few days.

The problem is as usual how much to take and what variety of clothes etc. With the BMW OEM luggage space is quite limited so we are going to see if the "vacuum bag" solution from Lakeland works. For £14.50 there are three, two smaller ones and a larger one. They are supposed to be "outdoor" and waterproof so we'll see how they go in packing down a load of t-shirts and undies. If you want to see them, try

I was thinking of packing a load of crap t-shirts for the riding days and binning them rather than washing them and bringing them home... Might still do that?

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