9 August 2006

Bike Parking in Hythe?

If you came to Hythe and wanted to park a bike, where would you look?

Waitrose car-park? You could, but more often than not the marked motorcycle bay is full of trolleys and the potential for paint damage, at least, is very high? Or you could try the bicycle parking at the road side of the park. Not bad and surrounded on three sides by scaffold pipe railings.

Aldi car-park? Until recently there was a decent sized bay just to the left of the entrance but the recent re-development has seen it reduced to barely enough to get one "real bike" in. To appease they have given us two smaller bays by the entrance. One is so bad that the upside down U-shaped railing/barrier that would allow a bike to be locked up properly is all battered by the cars that are unable to fit into their spaces (check the bumper shaped dent in the guard rail - pic left). and the other is plainly open to a ram from any half-wit at the wheel.

Where else? Apart from these two car-parks where you may have to resort to parking in a car bay there is the street. Much of Hythe Street is closed to traffic between 11am and 3pm, but there is ample parking available, but of course, as with Aldi, you will have to take your chances with the idiots unable to use the clutch on their cars properly.

Where else? I have no idea!

The situation is even worse in Folkestone. I had a wander about and found a couple of spaces at the far side of the car-park from Lidl. Both were in poor condition, on a slope and one had seen more than its fair share of broken bottles.

I have emailed Shepway District Council to see what they can tell me, and to ask them what the local council is doing to meet the requirements of the Government's Motorcycle Strategy 2005

If you know of any other parking in Shepway, then please let me know!

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