3 May 2017

TomTom 410 Update - Og sagaen fortsetter

Og sagaen fortsetter!!! The saga continues!

With Hella plus in one hand and screwdriver in the other is fixed the power lead to the plug, ensuring a clean and tight connection.

Then out to the garage.  Plug in the bike's power socket.  I didn't fix the ram mount on the bike, preferring to lay it in the seat.  Sliding the 410 into the cradle I had a brief feeling that all would be good.

That lasted less than a second as the half charged 410 showed the battery icon but it was missing the lightning bolt to show it was charging.  A few moments of the air turning blue later I plugged in the Urban Rider's power lead,  Instantly the UR slid into its cradle it switched itself on as the power surged through it. So not the power socket then!

As the 410 won't charge using the car cradle the obvious conclusion is that it it the charging system in the unit itself from the pins on the back that connect via the different cradles.

I updated the call on TomTom Support. A few days later they replied and said to send it back using the labels they had sent before.

So my three month old 410 has never seen action and as the calendar moves on the warranty expires without it ever being used!  Marvellous.

Update 05/05/17

A parcel arrived from TomTom. Seemed a bit heavy.  They had sent the RAM kit in stead of the Car kit!  Doesn't auger well for sending the 410 back.....

Update 08/05/17

I parcelled the unit up in the bubble wrap lined envelope that came the other day from TomTom and with extra bubble wrap and it went back to them using the UPS labels they sent a few weeks ago.

Update 11/05/17

I tried to track the parcel as I reckoned it wouldn't have got there but I wanted to see where it was.

Unfortunately all the links on the UPS website just say the parcel has been sent to the address on the label!  Some tracking that is #UPS!

Update 12/05/17

Today have an email to say they have sent it back with UPS.  They haven;t said what they have done just that there is a letter in the box!  Mysterious.  Maybe it will work on the Dordogne trip after all?

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Trobairitz said...

I wonder if they'll send you a brand new working unit in exchange with a new warranty period. I guess that is too much to hope for huh?

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