29 October 2013

Whitstable Toy Run 2013

I am hoping that the weather behaves itself this year. last year there was snow that ended a lot of biking activities, and put paid to any ideas I had of riding 40 miles across the county in the cold and slippery white stuff.....

Anyway, this year the run is the 30th Anniversary Run. It should be a bumper occasion and I am hoping that more people make the effort. It is certainly impressive to see the 300 plus bike, trikes and out fits hit the road.

The Kent Centre will meet for brunch at the Blue & White Cafe (our usual monthly meeting place) and then motor over to Whitstable. If you see this and want to come, look out for the odd Suzuki and loads of other makes outside the cafe. We'll be there from about 11am and leaving the cafe about Noon for the ride over.

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