7 August 2013

Together we're making history

Movember's meeting of the minds

Global Action Plan
Movember's Global Action Plan: Biomarkers
As a global organisation, Movember has a unique perspective into the cancer research world. We often found that prostate cancer researchers worked in silos, on similar projects, unaware of or unable to work with researchers in other countries. This has had the effect of slowing down scientific advancement that would benefit men with prostate cancer.

Movember took action to change this, to close the gap that existed between researchers and accelerate breakthroughs by launching the Global Action Plan (GAP). GAP brings researchers from across the globe to work together and collaborate on specific projects.

One of the most significant issues with prostate cancer is our inability to test a man and determine if he has an aggressive or a low-risk  type of prostate cancer. To provide personalised and more effective treatments to stop the progression of the disease we need to address this problem. To tackle this urgent issue, we have assembled a team of 150 expert researchers from across 15 countries. This team of researchers is now working together to examine biomarkers - from blood, urine and tissue, with the aim of developing better tests to measure the severity of the disease within individual patients.

Thank you for joining us on this journey - by working differently and collaborating on a global scale we are accelerating outcomes for men and their families.

Together, we are changing the face of research.

Our man in Wales
Our Man in Wales
Dr Aled Clayton is using Movember funds to take research to the next level. Here he answers some questions to explain how he is collaborating in the Global Action Plan project from his base in Cardiff.

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