19 August 2013

Onboard Computer

I had a scroll through the onboard computer to see what other stuff it records. I had zeroed Trip 2 at the start of the Ashes Tour and the following are pix of the screens. sadly, it was a little dark in the garage and the camera prone to shake!!

MPG on Trip 2 for entire trip

Average MPH on Trip 2 for entire trip

MPG on Trip 1 for the last fill-up.
Lots of other stats are calculated, like miles to refill and the current mpg.  The latter only works when the bike is running!

The mpg for each fill-up on Trip 1 are always different to the calculation done on the iPhone app.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Remember when we still had analog speedometers and no on board computer? It is amazing the elcetronics they can put into bikes now days.

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