Onboard Computer

I had a scroll through the onboard computer to see what other stuff it records. I had zeroed Trip 2 at the start of the Ashes Tour and the following are pix of the screens. sadly, it was a little dark in the garage and the camera prone to shake!!

MPG on Trip 2 for entire trip

Average MPH on Trip 2 for entire trip

MPG on Trip 1 for the last fill-up.
Lots of other stats are calculated, like miles to refill and the current mpg.  The latter only works when the bike is running!

The mpg for each fill-up on Trip 1 are always different to the calculation done on the iPhone app.


Trobairitz said…
Remember when we still had analog speedometers and no on board computer? It is amazing the elcetronics they can put into bikes now days.

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