18 August 2013

Scotland 4

Once again we were up early and down for breakfast for 8am when the restaurant opened. This time it was a serve yourself buffet and I guess had we wanted to, we could have gone mad. In the end a couple of pieces of toast and some bacon and eggs sufficed. Did I mention the third and final haggis of the trip?

The odometer showed 1800 miles before the start and so I took Dora's pic!

As we had a relatively short run down to Manchester again and so we thought about a side trip to see a little of the country.  After the planned fuel stop near Lockerbie, we set Gretna Green as the next port of call.

I thought it would be about the right time for a coffee break and something of a tourist trap.   And we were right.  I had imagined it to be a town, but it seemed more like a complex built around the Blacksmith's Forge where people eloped to get married.

There was a wedding party there, but we didn't stop to look. As was par for the course the weather was intermittent rain and a little dry.

No Scottish tourist site would be complete without a piper.

After coffee and then we were off, this time via Windermere.  We should have stopped in Ambleside as Windermere itself seemed to have nothing going for it.  Loads of traffic and holidaymakers.  Terrible.

We then headed across to the M6 and the remainder of the journey to Auntie's house.  On arrival we met favourite cousin equal number one, Caroline, and then she was off home.

Another day had ended. Just one more left.

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Trobairitz said...

I think it is neat that you stopped at Gretna Green. I didn't realize people could still be married there.

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