22 August 2013

Canon EOS 1100D

Sadly, the 300D went off to the repairers and after some investigations they were unable to repair it. Although a small spring on the shutter had gone it's a part that can no longer be found.

I thought about buying another 300D for spares and then having it cannibalised, but even on eBay the prices were pretty ridiculous.

In the end I started to look for a replacement. Okay, I am not David Bailey so spending an arm and a leg is not really worth it, so a budget, but new Canon was the order of the day.  I chose an EOS 1100D.

Why another Canon?  Apparently, you are either a Canon or a Nikon man, and I am obviously a Canon man. I also have a Tamron AF70-300mm zoom with a Canon mount that I need to use!

Although it is a budget DSLR, it is 12 megapixels and comes equipped with with a kit 18-55mm lens. I took it on the Ashes Tour and on the dry days I took it out and it looks to take some excellent photos. I didn't want it to get wet!!

On wet days I used the little Sony Cybershot!


Trobairitz said...

Nice new camera, bummer they couldn't fix the old one.

I too prefer Canon. I've had both but much prefer the Canon for ease of use and quality.

Paul Devall said...

I have a loan Nikon D50. Takes good photographs but not what I am used to.

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