10 June 2013

Great start to the week

Rode the bike on Saturday. No hint of a problem. This morning all dressed up to go to work and it was dead.  Put the key in the ignition and turning on. Nothing.
No lights, no whirring. Dead.  Checked the fuses and can't see anytihng wrong. Kill switch is ON. 
Have no idea what it could be. The battery surely can't have packed up in less than a year? Or can it?
If it had discharged I would have expected it to degrade over time and starting become hard, at least a glimmer from the lights. But nothing.


Trobairitz said...

Hope it is an easy fix. Why is it we are always geared up when it doesn't start. Can't just be on a day we're firing it up to test something.

Paul Devall said...

Hope so. Off to Norway on a cruise tomorrow so it will have to wait a week. Then I can see about getting it fixed.

After I rode it Saturday I thought "why sell it?" But after two days on the train at £69 I have nearly 140 reasons get get shot of it!!

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