7 August 2012

Blockhouse 3 - April 14th 2013

Planning has started and then almost instantly stopped again for this event.

After the trauma of the last trip across, amost a year earlier than the next one, and the incident that saw Steve B taken to Calais hospital, I thought it was time to get out and do the other half of that days trip.

We've chosen the day as it is right at the end of the Easter holidays and there should be a decent (I mean cheap!) fare on the ferry across to France. Hopefully Cal will be able to get it as cheap as possible.

As the Kent Centre has a Facebook page, I have created the event on there for members to see and comment - Kent Centre FB

The map shows a rough outline of the trip. It's about 65 miles in all but Tyre planned it to run on the A26 there and back. To make the trip open to all riders, no matter what size of bike, in reality it will be an off motorway triop using the N43 and not the toll motorway.

The plan is to get over early and visit the big bunker at Eperlecques before heading into St Omer for lunch and then onto La Coupole.


La Coupole


Trobairitz said...

Now that is planning ahead!!

Invicta Moto said...

Have to plan well in advance so that we can get it in the Club diaries and hopefully get a good turnout.

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