3 July 2012

Wolfsbane "Live Fast, Die Fast"

I have been after a CD or digital copy of this album for quite a while.

Tapping up mates that have a flair for metal proved fruitless and then I found a copy. Not quite the perfect but unrestored rideable Harley in the barn, but the CD equiv.

Ripped it as soon as I got home. Fanbloodytastic!

I had it on cassette from when it originally came out in 1989.

If you want a laugh at the pretentious shite that people write in reviews. Search for this album on Amazon.

Pure bollocks. The pseuds claim that Wolfsbane came late to metal, or one twat says 8 years late for NWOBHM.

For christ's sake they were like a lot of bands, pub bands and local heroes playing music that people wanted to hear who managed to get a following and a record deal!!!

What the Amazon reviews show is what dicks there are on the site!!!

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