18 July 2012

Summer continues.. Grey and Wet

What a grey day!
It's July 18th. It's about 8.45a.m. It's grey. Thermometer is about 9deg centigrade. It's drizzling.

Apparently we had the wettest June on record. July can't be far off as there have been no days without rain at least once a day!


Good luck to everyone that is planning to holiday in the UK in the coming days.

That includes me and Claire on our mini-cruise.

As "Unlucky Alf" would say; "Bugger!"

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

Bugger is right. Maybe the weather will clear up just for you two. Fingers crossed......

We woke to drizzly overcast skies as well, but only for the day (hopefully). So much for summer.

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