21 June 2012

More Belgian Beers

After drinking a few beers whilst away for the two days in Belgium, the Liefmans and Jupiler, plus a Maes Pils or two.

I bought a couple to bring home that might prove a little on the strong side. We hardly bat an eyelid when we buy wine and the alcohol level is about 11.5% to 13% ABV. So why the surprise with beer? The Kaiser is a mere 7.8% ABV and I am going to theme drink this when I watch the Germans play in the Euro Qtr Final. Ironically, it is actually brewed in the Netherlands, the team sent home after losing to Germany in the championships!

The other is a bit more of a blaster. The Gordon Finest Platinum weighs in at a surprising 12% ABV. Although it comes with a tartan label and a Scottish sounding name it is brewed in Belgium. If I theme drink this one is could mean a long wait until Scotland manage to reach a championship.

As the drink by date is 6th October 2013, they may have qualified for the 2014 World Cup, but I doubt it!

I'll have to see how they both perform!!

And lastly, one for the ladies...... Liefman's Fruitesse 4-pack.


Trobairitz said...

I admit, I had to google the fruitesse. Looks kind of interesting, maybe even tasty.

The alcohol content of beer here in the USA is quite a bit less than we were used to seeing in Canada. Something hubby had to get used to when we moved down.

Mike said...

I love Belgian beer. I've never seen any here in Scotland in a can though. I've been to Bouillon in Belgium twice on the bike. Begian beer must be the best in the world!

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