14 June 2012

EU Type Approval Regulation is now timetabled for 25th October 2012

Although everything is now in place for the MAG demo on 24th June (some ongoing police negotiations aside), we can now confirm that the all important Plenary Session vote in the EU Parliament has been moved yet again!

The vote on the EU Type Approval Regulation is now timetabled for 25th October 2012.

Until last Wednesday, the Council of Ministers (the National Governments) still didn't have a common position, so formal negotiations between them, the EU Commission (who proposed the regulation in the first place) and the EU Parliament couldn't take place.

Last Wednesday, 6th June, they finally agreed, and the first round of negotiations began Thursday 7th.

The plan is that when all these formal negotiations have been completed, the Parliament can vote on the finished text.

MAG's learnt that as things progress, the Socialists are now moving away from their love of compulsory ABS and also that the EU Commission have tried to bring some of their plans for advanced On Board Diagnostics (2) (OBD2) forward and add it to the simpler OBD1 ideas.

Malcolm Harbour's office (chairman of the IMCO committee leading the negotiations) are opposed to the more complicated OBD2 and, I'm delighted to say, kicked up something of a fuss when they noticed this. Negotiations continue.

And it is precisely because negotiations continue that it is important that we conduct ourselves well on the 24th June. We must keep left and ride like an organised lobby to create a spectacle, not block the M-ways, which will be counter productive.

We have confirmed MEPs at a couple of the start points, but feel free to ask yours to attend and to speak to me if they want more info. This is helping to encourage the TV stations to attend, but vast numbers of riders will do that too.

Remember, info is available on http://www.euhandsoffbiking.co.uk/ but who knows what the Great British Summer weather will hold..
Paddy Tyson Campaigns Coordinator Motorcycle Action Group http://www.mag-uk.org/ 01926 844064

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