2 February 2012

Your review submitted to TripAdvisor

Bloody cheek. I added my name to the bottom corner of my pix as I have found my pics on other sites without my permission.

Begin forwarded message:

From: userreviewsupport@tripadvisor.co.uk
Date: 1 February 2012 16:48:30 GMT
To: pauldevall@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: Your review submitted to TripAdvisor

Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to TripAdvisor. Our photo editors have opted not to post some of your photos because they do not meet one or more of our photo submission guidelines, listed below:

No logos, titles, branding, promotional material or any other content intended for commercial purposes.  No photos submitted by ownership, management, current or past employees. No photos that appear on the official website for a hotel/attraction/restaurant.

You can also view these photo guidelines on our site: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/help/what_kinds_of_photographs_can_be_posted

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you will continue to post photos that do meet our guidelines.

Best regards,

TripAdvisor Support Team

------original review-------

Subject: The Leas Lift
Location: Folkestone, Kent, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Title: Recently Renovated
ID#: 123486669

Superb.  Recently had the second car attached after a renovation. Not expensive and saves the slog up the Road of Remebrance.

1 comment:

Trobairitz said...

So you put your name on your your photos can't be pilfered without recognition and then you are denied postings of your photos because of your name. Doesn't seem right.

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