8 February 2012

Fwd: [mag-uk-activists-list] A couple of petitions of interest

From: Paddy Tyson <paddy.tyson@mag-uk.org>
Date: 8 February 2012 12:22:30 GMT
To: mag-uk-activists-list@mag-uk.org, RAV-list@mag-uk.org
subject: [mag-uk-activists-list] A couple of petitions of interest

Here are a couple of petitions which may be of interest, if you have a few moments to spare.


One is about deflecting the call for compulsory hi-viz clothing, the other requiring the driving test to have a compulsory question about bikers.
They are related, because as the threat of compulsory hi-viz clothing looms ever closer, the transfer of responsibility for failure to be seen is put upon us, while there is no compulsory question within the car test for drivers to look out for us!

On another matter, I'm currently constructing a suggested response to Conservative MEPs, which I hope you'll receive this afternoon. They too, by and large, used a standard response which in many cases failed to address our initial questions.
--   Paddy Tyson  Campaigns Coordinator  Motorcycle Action Group  www.mag-uk.org  01926 844064
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